Advanced Concrete Transformations

By J & K Ventures, LLC


Concrete Technology Incorporated's revolutionary coating system can take any structurally sound concrete and give it new life.  You can now have the look, texture and color of inlaid brick, tile, slate, marble or something truly unique.  The Concrete Technology System is perfect for driveways, patios, pool decks, walkways - even inside the home. The CTi System can create a beautiful new look inside on your floors and countertops! And it is more affordable than traditional industry products such as brick, tile, marble or granite. Or choose a custom design that is uniquely yours! The Concrete Technology System is twice the strength of normal concrete. This tough, durable coating stands up year after year.

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CTi Expands Its Reach Internationally.
In addition to over 100 million square feet of its products being installed in the United States, CTi has also expanded its reach internationally over the last several months.  The Concrete Technology products are now available in Russia, Romania, Mexico, Jamaica, Nigeria and Ghana.  Concrete Technology is truly Bringing Design and Beauty to Concrete Around the World.

Introducing The Navigator

CTI customers across the nation are finding out just how good their concrete can look with the help of "The Navigator."  To see how this tool can give you the look you want, click here to find out more.

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